Top 7 famous attractions in Sapa

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Top 7 famous attractions in Sapa

Sapa is famous for the northern Vietnam’s premier trekking spot, surrounded by rice terraces and tiny hill-tribe villages. Once you step into the lush fields, you will understand Sapa’s real charm where the skyline is continually thrusting upwards. It overlooks a plunging valley with mountains towering above on all sides.

1. Muong Hoa Valley

Just about 14 kms from the town, Muong Hoa Valley is the largest farmland and is one of the most famous attractions in Sapa for breathtaking scenery. To visit Muong Hoa, you can trek along Muong Hoa river sneaking through the valley near Sapa town. It lies between two high ranges of mountains and there is a unique village in. It is a remarkable experience to have.

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From the highest elevation of the mountain range, you can get panoramic views of endless forest, dozens of streams downhill to the floor. Really, the location oozes serenity and calm, and the locals are friendly and fantastic. If you have an opportunity, I highly recommend you a visit.

2. Fansipan Mountain

At the height of 3143 meters above sea level, Fansipan is widely known as the highest mountain in Vietnam and is regarded as “the roof of Indochina”. Just about 9 kms southwest of Sapa, Fansipan belongs to Hoang Lien Son Mountain, and lies in the border of two provinces: Lao Cai and Lai Chau.

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Conquering this place is the dream of many great climbers and adventurous travelers when they come to Sapa. The best time to climb mountain is from September to March. Just remember that you can climb on late February, when flowers here blossom. When you hike up the top, it is very fantastic to get the best of both views. On the top, it is well worth stopping by temples and giant Buddha. It is amazing but sometimes there are so much fog to see anything.

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3. Cable Car Station Sapa

To get the best experience of this mountain, you can take the cable car to the Fansipan summit. The views against the cloud are very mesmerizing. The cable car in Sapa is also the second longest car in the world, so come here to experience. The weather is much colder and very windy. You should wear jumper, long trousers and jackets. It is a good idea to visit in the morning as it gets humid, not good to enjoy.

4. Love Waterfall

Just about 4 kms from the northwest of the town, the waterfall is a must-see spot this allured land. Under the waterfall, the Gold Stream runs along with green grass plots and bamboo clusters, flowing to the forest endlessly. Travelers might be more and more curious about how amazing the waterfall is. From the far distance, Love Waterfall looks like a sparkling stream of light.

Like other natural attractions, this place is pretty fantastic in a beautiful mountain setting, which makes you more accessible to walk to and from the waterfall, as long as you don’t mind stairs. It is a well-paved track most of the way, and by coming back on the opposite side of the river to the way you walk there, you can get to see many nice things from two perspectives, with a couple of nice swimming opportunities on route. Really, the waterfall itself is quite a good sight, but for some people, probably not as big as they may be expecting.

5. Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin is a village featuring a rich culture in Sapa which has not been damaged by the modern life. Just about 30 minutes to reach here by motorbike or you can hire a motorbike taxi to discover. The roads are not difficult to drive, and will take you pass a lot of little houses, fields and some occasional little craft shops.

Also, you can hike about 10 miles to Ta Phin through small villages, nice patties, garden, meadows and a bamboo forest. Along the way, you can stop for meals at a small restaurant with an outdoor patio and amazing views. This spot is really so great for you to visit and once a lifetime experience you should not miss out.

6. Silver Falls (Thac Bac Waterfall)

Sapa is endowed for the most intriguing features with surrounding natural landscapes and abundant fascinating terrain. Just about 15 kms from the town, Silver Falls appears as a mighty white dragon peering down onto the valley, which is located in Lo Sui Tong mountain top. Don’t miss out this place as you will be rewarded with stunning scenes of Silver Falls and the last surviving forests of Hoang Lien National Park.

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The higher you climb, the more beautiful scenery you see. If you are adventurous, you can also climb the mountain along with a local guide. On the top of the mountain, there is a small lake with breathtaking views of surrounding mountains. It is great to climb up when it is sunny, you will enjoy the spectacular view from Silver Falls.

7. Cat Cat Village

Nestled in a beautiful valley and easy to walk from Sapa town, Cat Cat attracts travelers for its distinctive culture and customs which have been lost in most ethnic villages. The locals lived next to each other along the mountain side and cultivate surrounding their home. Traditional handicrafts such as twisting flax and weaving fabric have been well-kept over times, which has become an appealing feature for tourism.

The village scenery is really beautiful, especially in the waterfall and hydroelectric plant areas. When you visit here, just remember that there is no tour guide and no a lot of information about what is around. Therefore, you should check information thoroughly to avoid being lost. Apart from the point that could be improved, overall it is worth a visit to discover and keep memorable moments in Sapa.

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