Top 7 famous attractions in Quy Nhon

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Top 7 famous attractions in Quy Nhon

In the past several years, Quy Nhon has become an ideal tourist landmark in Vietnam with its beautiful surroundings, Cham temples, and nearby beaches. This spot is perfect for those who’d like break up a journey between Nha Trang and Hoi An, being about 6 hours from each. Now, welcome you to explore top attractions in Quy Nhon ^^

1. Bai Xep Beach

Situated in a stretch of beautiful white sand just 10 kms from Quy Nhon, Bai Xep beach is regarded as the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Undeniably, you will experience an authentic Vietnamese beach without the rampant tourism with prominent features: crystal blue water, golden sand, natural rocks scattered along the beach and a view of several islands.

bai xep beach quy nhon

Yeah, it is really great to spend some days recharging in the cool clear waters and  in a seafood restaurant. Obviously, a must stop place on the coast comes to you to experience the charming sunset.

2. Ky Co Beach

Just about 25-km drive from the city center of Quy Nhon, Ky Co is one of the most beautiful and wildest beach in Vietnam with long white sand, blue water and spectacular landscape. Surely, you will be mesmerized by the water in two colors: blue color in near coast, and deeper blue off the coast.

ky co beach quy nhon

You can rent the motorbike to explore this place. So nice to explore one of the most beautiful roads to the beach and see the breathtaking views. You can swim to relax, across the rock, you will find a small heaven with yellow sand beach. Also surfing or snorkeling is good to discover.

3. Wind Strait

Wind Strait looks very attractive, wild and primitive with its rock cliffs in various shapes running to the sea. If you would like to take nice pictures and enjoy the sea, maybe here is the best. At the mountain foot, Da De Beach stretches out with colorful, smooth and round stones looking like eggs. Mother Nature endows Wind Strait with rippled mounds, especially clear water and a meadow which is suitable for camping. Around this area, there are lots of seafood restaurants to enjoy fresh and delicious local foods. It is really well worth a visit to discover.

4. Twin Towers

Located in a main street in downtown Quy Nhon City, Twin Towers are one popular tourist spot for travelers to stop by. The towers were built from bricks in bright red color in trapezium shape with huge pillars and a curled roof. The roof and external walls features carved paintings of deities, holly birds and animals in the religion of Cham people.

twin towers quy nhon

It is really an impressive monument. You can get a reminder of this period of history at Twin Towers, which boasts a few traces of their former stucco decoration and there are some impressive Garuda figures. It still attracts offerings from devotees to the present day.

5. Sand Dune – Phuong Mai Peninsula

From the center of Nhon Ly commune, it is about 10 minutes to walk on the sand and you will reach to Phuong Mai sliding sand dune at 100 high above sea level. It can say, the wild beauty with the sand and sea breezes make you surprised. As if you will got lost in a dessert with large valleys and white sand dunes. It is great to get a panoramic view of Phuong Mai Peninsula, Thi Nai pond and Quy Nhon city.

If you visit Red Sand Dune in Phan Thiet, you see the difference here: a wild and diversified beauty in Phuong Mai. Sliding down the sand dune with skateboards is quite interesting and comfortable. In Mui Ne – Phan Thiet, you slide down with thin and plastic pieces. However, you can use the special skateboards to slide down the sand dune at different height and speeds.

6. Hon Kho Island

Just about 30 minutes to reach to Nhon Hai commune, Hon Kho Island features a pristine coral reef scene with various species of colorful fish. Especially, there is a sea turtle conservation area in the middle of the island.

hon kho island quy nhon

You also could climb up the mountain, crossing cliffs with various shapes to the northeastern part of the island to experience and explore the vast ocean where the waters around are clear and clean, so it is quite worth snorkeling and finding yourself a good place to relax.

7. Queen Beach – Ghenh Rang

Queen Beach features the lovely and luxury beauty as its name. Along the seashore, you will have the opportunity to admire the sculpture artwork like human’s face or a big lion prancing into the East Sea. Here, the feeling is really great when you step on the round stone which is smooth like giant eggs stacked on the beach. As if you are immersed in a quiet space, a harmony of wind and waves.

Surrounded and shielded by two natural stone walls, Queen Beach boasts crystal and cool water, relatively calm waves which attracts tourists for wellness. Looking in the distance, Ghenh Rang is exquisitely nice which looks like a sense of faithfulness of the wife waiting for her husband. What an awesome experience to watch sunset and sunrise. Hence, this place is well worth a visit.

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