Top 7 famous attractions in Ho Chi Minh

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Top 7 famous attractions in Ho Chi Minh

Perched on the edge of the magical Mekong Delta and is an exuberant, energetic and chaotic place, Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most attractive and famous tourist destinations in Vietnam. There are a lot of attractions here to explore like Notre Dame, Central Post Office, The Reunification Palace, etc.

All of these places are well worth a visit. You can see a bustling city in District 1 with many shopping centers, malls and souvenir shops, really various choices and very affordable. Coming here, you can experience the food that’s off the tourist path and eat like a local. Especially, local people are friendly and you will feel safely in walking at night.

Ahh, just wanna tell you that Ho Chi Minh City is also the place where I have been staying and working over the past years. The place has brought me memorable experiences and great friends.  Now, just turn back to the article, let me show you some famous landmarks in Ho Chi Minh ^^.

1. War Remnants Museum

War Remnants Museum is one of the most visited places when foreign tourists travel to Ho Chi Minh City. It opens from 07.30 to 17.00 every day. The museum is pretty crowded and I highly suggest that you should go in the early morning. This spot displays real machinery used in war, which is outside and floors of different exhibits inside. The exhibits are very detailed, honest and for the most part, unbiased. It is really heavy on your mind, so remember to take breaks after each exhibit to process. There are many benches that enable you to do so.

2. Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels offer you a sneak-peak at the underground life of Vietnamese soldiers back in 1948. It is over 120 km of underground tunnels, with trapdoors, living areas, kitchens, storage facilities and command centers. It is an interesting place to see and an important part of the Vietnamese history which gives you the close views of the tunnels used by the Viet Cong when hiding from American and South Vietnamese armies. If you are adventurous, you can crawl through the underground tunnels with the length of 100 meters to navigate through the tunnels. Remember to bring a hat and glove to explore this spot.

Inside the tunnel

3. Central Post Office

I usually drive past the Central Post Office and have found this place is so crowded, especially foreign visitors.  It is a beautiful preserved remnant of French colonial times and maybe is regarded as the grandest post office in Southeast Asia. The post office was covered by intricately designed marble floors and antiquated telephones boxes. It is near Notre Dame Cathedral, so you can visit two cultural sites to know life in Vietnam during times of the Indochinese Empire.

There are two painted maps on the walls, one of which shows the telegraph lines that crisscross Vietnam and Cambodia, and the other displays a map of Saigon in 1892. It is well worth a visit, especially if you visit in the night time, you can walk and find the night market, where you can buy some souvenirs, key chain or books.

4. The Independence Palace

The palace is known as the famous historical witness which passed through the two fierce wars against the French and American colonists. It is good for you to take a tour through it. The tour takes you in the basement which was the US headquarters and you will see the desks, phones, telex machines. After the tour, take a nap on the grass out the front. The place is interesting to visit because some of the murals and the internal decorations may have some artistic value.

5. Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most famous landmarks in Ho Chi Minh where you must visit. It features the all-red brick facade, stained glass windows, two bell towers and a peaceful garden put in the middle of downtown. It still serves as a religious institution for the locals. Do dress appropriately and refrain from disturbing the worshipers if you would like to go inside. Just some meters from the cathedral to see the post office and you can take some pictures with unique and traditional architecture.

This photo was taken by me ^^

6. Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market is a great place to buy souvenirs, local handicrafts and branded goods. Besides, you can enjoy a taste of hawker-style Vietnamese cuisine inside the market. When night falls, restaurants around the market open their doors, which creates a vibrant street side scene. Actually, if you know Vietnam a lot, you will see Ben Thanh Market – one of Saigon’s oldest landmarks, which offers a great atmosphere that is totally authentically Vietnamese. It is worth a look for the night market vibe.

Ben Thanh market at night

7. Bitexco Financial Tower – Saigon Skydeck

Bitexco is one of the most prominent places in Ho Chi Minh, which features 262 meters high at the center of the city’s business district and offers visitors a stunning city view from its Sky Deck. It is home to offices, shops, restaurants and a helipad. Recently, it has been ranked as the fifth building in the list of the world’s 20 most iconic skyscrapers.

The main attraction at the tower is the Sky Deck where you can enjoy panoramic views across the bustling city, especially sparkling lights at night. The Sky Deck shows the 365 degree view of the city from the 60 floor. It is really great to take some photos and for me, it is totally worth a visit!

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