Top 7 famous attractions in Da Nang

top famous attractions da nang
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Top 7 famous attractions in Da Nang

Over the past years, Da Nang has become one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in Vietnam with many interesting attractions. For those who like outdoor activities, My Khe Beach or The Marble Mountains are do-not-miss-out spots in their itinerary when travelling to Da Nang. Can’t wait anymore, explore some top attractions in Da Nang with me 🙂

1. Lady Buddha (Linh Ung Pagoda)

Built in the 18th century under the reign of Emperor Ming Mang, the Lady Buddha’s statue and the adjacent pagoda make a great impression, surrounded by beautiful potted bonsai. Stone stairs and a beautiful gate lead to a wide courtyard and sculptures of 18 spiritual rites, which create a peaceful spiritual serenity to attract tourists. Inside statue is quite simple altar and there is no access up to higher parts.

linh ung pagoda da nang

The Pagoda not only impresses those who love discovering Buddhism, but also is an ideal place to relax and blend with nature. From a beautiful lady Buddha looking down the ocean, the views are so stunning and spectacular. Actually, it is extremely great to admire unforgettable sunset or sunrise scenery.

2. The Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains comprises of five limestone and marble hills situated in Ngu Hanh Son District. Each mountain is named after the natural elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth, existing in a coastal area and about 9 km in the southern of Da Nang. This tourist destination is famous for peaks, caves, tunnels and temples, which are always explored. The caves in the mountains hide mysterious secrets including the bullet holes and Buddhist sanctuaries across the mountains.

marble mountains da nang

Inside cave with sunlight . How mysterious!!!

One of the most interesting highlights is climbing up the peaks and enjoying spectacular views from My Khe Beach. It is really great if you can climb in the early mornings to see stunning sunrise scene. Moreover, the Non Nuoc village at the foot of the mountain is well-known for stone sculptures and handicrafts. You can buy some souvenirs like necklaces, vases made from marble.

3. My Khe Beach

Ranked as one of the “World’s Most Attractive Beaches” in Forbes Magazine, My Khe Beach is the famous name from the base of Son Tra Peninsula to the Marble Mountain, which attracts thousands of domestic and international travelers to visit every year. It is about 5 km from Da Nang City and 25 km away from Hoi An.

my khe beach da nang

With its blue sky, white sand and pristine water year round, surrounded by coconut trees, the beach creates a peaceful picturesque tourist spot. Also, it offers beautiful waves and panoramic views of the mountains from far. This place is really ideal for those who like watersports activities like swimming, diving, surfing, just to name a few. Just a note for those who’d like to visit, do not travel from October to December as it rains all the time. It would be nice for some beautiful photos to bring back home ^^

4. Non Nuoc Beach

If you would like to look for a quiet place to relax in Da Nang, Non Nuoc Beach may be the ideal spot for both purposes.

non nuoc beach da nang

Stretching about 5 km along the shore of Hoa Hai Ward, the beach is well-known for its seaweed, mild waves and blue sea water with panoramic views which reaches tourism standards to attract more and more travelers. It takes a 20-minute drive from Da Nang City or Hoi An and a 10-minute walk from the iconic Marble Mountains, making you access to the beach easily.

There are loads of restaurants and bars nearby. Also, you can rent sunbeds or umbrellas to chill and sunbathe on the beach, especially taking a stroll along the beach to admire stunning sunrise or sunset scenery is really awesome.

At this sandy and beautiful beach, there are many luxurious resorts with private beach, which always interests foreign tourists to book a long stay. The thing to make a great impression is the beach stretching along the smooth sand. What a pity if you miss out it when travelling to Da Nang.

5. Dragon Bridge

Known as the longest bridge in Vietnam with the height of 666 meters and the shape of a golden dragon, Dragon Bridge in Da Nang impresses tourists with a dazzling display of lights, fire and water. It is the six-lane bridge which crosses Han River and serves as direct routes to My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach. The symbol of this bridge expresses the power, nobility and good fortune.

It is spectacular to admire the stunning sight, illuminated with colorful LED lights. There are also lots of riverfront bars, restaurants and cafes to take a seat and enjoy the night time. Waitt, remember every Saturday and Sunday at 9p.m, the whole bridge lights up, shooting out flames and water jets about 20-30 feet, and the display lasts around 10 minutes. Do not miss out the chance to witness the unforgettable moments.

dragon bridge da nang

6. Ba Na Hills

It is worth visiting just for the ride up the hill. Maybe the cable car ride is the best part because it is very impressive and interesting to experience. On the top of the hill, you can see many European style buildings, castles and Buddhist sculptures and temples. Also, there are lots of restaurants at the hill for you to enjoy and see fantastic views with cable car from the hill looking down.

ba na hills da nang

When you go up the hill peak, you feel floating in the air because of the blowing winds and thick fogs. There are some spots to explore such as Le Jardin D’Amour Park with nine gardens, Linh Ung Pagoda, French Village with unique architecture. Besides, you can visit some spiritual places including the Triple Gate, Tru Vu Tea House, etc.

It looks like a castle in Europe 🙂

7. Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

One of the must-see landmarks in Da Nang is Museum of Cham Sculpture. The museum features nice pieces of Champa sculpture like terracotta and stone works of art, dating back from 7th to 15th century. This place reflects the culture and common life in all its glory.

You will have a chance to admire crafted objects of worship, surrounded by flowers and turrets which symbol Hinduism. It is really exciting to see and marvel at these masterpieces.



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