The most interesting things to explore in Hanoi

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The most interesting things to explore in Hanoi

Have you ever found yourself in the fast-paced city of Hanoi before? What is the most impressive thing for you in Hanoi?

Just one thing to remember, if it is the first time for you to visit Ha Noi, be ready to pack in the sights, sounds and nice tastes. Interesting to explore in Hanoi!

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1. Sip on Egg Coffee at Café Giang

Egg coffee, have you ever heard of it? And the taste is great?

egg coffee hanoiYeah, it is a favorite drink for both tourists and locals, especially a good choice in a winter. If you go to this coffee shop, remember on the second floor, you will be sitting with a crowd of smokers. It depends on your preference!

2. Take a Free Walking Tour

Do you like walking? If yes, take a walking tour in Hanoi. It is completely free with a half day tour or full day tour.

You can learn first-hand from a local about the major sights of Hanoi. Interestingly, tourism students here will help and teach you how to cross the roads in heavy traffic. Yeah, it is worth a tour.

3. Eat Pho

This photo of Pho is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Pho, the national dish has been regarded as the delicacy of Hanoi cuisine. People says, “No trip to Hanoi is complete without eating a bowl of pho”. It is cool for you to try Pho and explore the cuisine culture in Hanoi.

Locals usually eat Pho for breakfast because it is tasty and keep you energized for the entire morning. You can find Pho along any street, especially one in the central city.

4. Drink beers at Ta Hien

ta hien street ha noi

Ta Hien is one of the most famous and crowded streets in Hanoi, which attracts many foreign visitors and locals with a mix of old and modern style. This street is the same as Bui Vien street in Ho Chi Minh City.

There are a wide range of beers for you to choose including bottled beer, cask ale or black. And a lot of snack foods to serve like fried chip, cheese stick, boiled peanut, etc.


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