Some tips to get the best hotel offers

tips to book hotel room
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Some tips to get the best hotel offers

You would like to book a hotel room with the low price? There are a variety of websites to book within different rates. Which one is better for you to save time and money? You can look at the following steps to do simply and quickly.

1. Compare rate at Tripadvisor

It is easier for travelers to find a reasonable price from online channels like,, and so forth. All rates from these websites will be displayed at Tripadvisor. Keep in mind and review that whether the room rate is included or subject to VAT and service or not

   How to book a room with low rate

2. Pay attention to promotions and cancellation policy

There are a variety of promotions for guests to choose, and each will have separate cancellation policy. Notice that it cannot be amended or cancelled for non-refundable bookings, therefore travelers have to make sure that the schedule is fixed, even in any circumstances.

3. Register for the membership program

It is obvious to note that one of the best ways to attract guests is membership program. The additional discount beyond promotions will be offered if guests sign up the membership program.
Actually, the number of hotels with loyalty program has been currently more and more increasing. It attractively offers return guests best rate, free nights or free services with bookings.

4. Get newsletter for special discounts

It is essential to sign up and get notifications on price drops and promotions through hotel website. Depending on the high or low seasons, or special holidays, the promotions will be offered with the attractive benefits. Once you register, the alerts will be sent to your email regularly and to ensure that users will do not miss any chance out.

5. Use mobile apps for last minute bookings

To optimize mobile experiences, hoteliers will offer users the chances to get discounted stay from online bookings, especially last minute bookings. Travelers like backpackers will shop around the website to book at the lowest room rate because the room occupancy is available.
In addition, free upgrade can be offered if guests check in late at the end of the day. Since hotels have a better sense of occupancy at that time, hoteliers might upgrade the room to the higher room type for customer satisfaction and loyalty attraction.

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