Some simple steps to make a travel itinerary

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Some simple steps to make a travel itinerary

I really like to make a travel trip itinerary by myself and then go ahead. It is great to explore and experience the trip 😍😍. Now, just read some simple steps I always do for every trip abroad. I do not make sure that these steps are suitable for you but please take some time to review and share with me what you have done for your trips :)))

1. Book cheap flights

Why choose Skyscanner? Well, you can search and compare to find the cheapest flights on this site. It is considered as be the most trusted travel search site in the world.

2. Book hotels/ homestays

I usually book my stays at where I can find deals for any season and score huge savings worldwide. I am a genius member of, so it is the top priority for me to find the best deals easily and quickly!

By the way, you can take a look at TripAdvisor which browses hundreds of millions of traveler reviews and opinions, especially that you can compare low prices on hotels and cruises.

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3. Book local tours

At Klook, there are a variety of discounted attraction tickets, tours with unique experiences, and more for you to choose. Discover and book in-destination services at the best prices. Just some clicks, you can hop aboard the Hong Kong Airport Express, explore Tokyo Disneyland, or marvel at the breathtaking world under the waves in Bali.

4. Buy SIM & card

Well, it is quick and easy to buy SIM card for one destination online and you will get an instant confirmation at Klook 🙂

More importantly, I would like to share you one tip which helps to organize and visit places effectively in distance and save time, especially for travel and sales calls. In the past, my manager asked me to make sales calls and make the meetings in Ha Noi where I had not been to before. However, I did well thanks to Google Maps. Also I made the itinerary for my trip to Singapore and Malaysia.

 Make a list of all places and addresses in Excel
 Click “Create my own map” and input the Excel data into Google Maps
All places show on the page at the same time and you will see the distance of all places. From that, you will plan to go to these places in order to book the stay
“The more you travel, the more you learn”
When you are young, explore and experience the trips with friends. Just simple. After youth, you can have holidays for wellness retreats 

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