Legacy Yen Tu – A stunning highlight of Truc Lam Zen Buddhism

Legacy Yen Tu overview
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Legacy Yen Tu – A stunning highlight of Truc Lam Zen Buddhism

Have you ever heard about Legacy Yen Tu by MGallery Vietnam yet? Why it is known as a stunning highlight of Truc Lam Zen Buddhism?

Legacy Yen Tu

Yeah, inspired by Golden Stupa, Legacy Yen Tu was designed in traditional construction methods and mixed with materials crafted by Vietnamese artists as an enchanted journey into the past of Vietnam over seven centuries ago. Surrounded by the holy land of Yen Tu Mountain and its eternal energy, Legacy Yen Tu features a story allured stay with amazing experiences for a moment of calm and mediation in such an inspiring cycle of life and spiritual soul.

The Legacy Yen Tu resembles an ancient palace which is built with stone corridors and handcrafted ceramic floor tiles sourced from northern villages.

Step inside, then you will reach a new realm of calm. Noticeably, each of the mountain view rooms offers elegant and unique designs, featuring burnt orange burlap and lotus flowers, brought to life as copper knobs on each door, incense jars, stuffed rice sacks, and more.


Well, it is good for you to enjoy breathtaking views of Northern Vietnam because stretching from the base of the mountain to just below the summit, the state-of-the-art cable car network allow you to reach Yen Tu mountain’s peak and explore its wooded slopes in a safe and comfortable way.


Inspired by ancient Vietnamese architecture, this village features captivating activities and experiences for every age and every state, from a morning yoga in the midst of the national forest, trekking or discover iconic peaks to traditional experiences like making Dong Ho folk painting, decorating bamboo masks, riding old-styled horse carriage etc.

Especially more than a series of activities for nature lovers and historical explorers, you can join exclusive meditation classes and herbal treatment to get rejuvenating mind and good shape!

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