Hoi An Ancient Town: What makes it special to visit?

hoi an ancient town
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Hoi An Ancient Town: What makes it special to visit?

The Hoi An Ancient Town consists of well-maintained old building structures and a wide range of art shops, cafes, bars and restaurants inside. It is such a pretty little area with a very chilled vibe, which is worth a visit.

1. Unique architecture

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There are many ancient historical homes and buildings. Many lovely coffee shops are the places where you can relax in and think about what you wish to see next. Also, restaurants offer a great variety of food and beverages.

You will be excited with different styles of architecture. An absolute feast for the eyes as the vibrant colors of the lit lanterns light up the bustling streets.

2. Peaceful lifestyle

Vehicles and scooters are blocked off at times to enhance the walking traffic experience, so take a relaxing stroll through the narrow street. Daytime is quite peaceful, totally different from nighttime. Here, you can rent a boat for a 1-2 hour trip along a river.

Actually, there is a little bit of everything in the old town of Hoi An where you have shopping opportunities like hand-made souvenirs.

3. Magical nights

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Hoi An is so unique and romantic at night because of the lanterns lighting up the streets. You can see, the town has ambiance all of its own during the daylight but it is at night when the true wonder of the town is illuminated in the thousands of lanterns keeping the town aglow.

By night, it comes to life with multi-colorful lanterns overhead and floating on the water, a host of bars and eateries from cheap stalls to high-end restaurants. Ah, especially, you also can try some street food like banh mi, roast duck, pork barbeque along the river.


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