Explore Son Doong Cave Vietnam: would you dare?

son doong cave vietnam
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Explore Son Doong Cave Vietnam: would you dare?

Son Doong Cave, you know? Yeah, it is the largest cave on earth, which is located in Phong Nha – Ke Bang of Vietnam. It is so big that it has its own jungle, river, clouds and ecosystem. If you like adventure, whether you would dare to explore this cave or not.

Right now, in this article, I’d like to give you some reviews on Son Doong cave and make clear the surreal experience and the best time to explore. You should focus on a few things to make a good decision before the discovery.

1. Your health is enough good?

Actually, for those who do not usually exercise every week, it is quite hard for a trek in terms of cardio. You will see things such as “can you climb six flights of stairs without stopping or getting out of breath? Or “can you easily climb over a wall with the height of your waist?

The most physical challenge is the type of terrain, balance and mental focus required. You know it is quite easy to break an ankle on almost every step. Extremely sharp rocks and slippery things that you must balance on. It might be the challenging part for you because you will be exhausted after a while to be worried about making the right step.

2. Your equipment is right?

Yes, it is an important element. The right equipment and packing makes a huge difference. Get the right shoes and socks for hiking. And for what you actually pack and carry the absolute minimum yourself. You should get quick-dry stuff for clothing and plan to wear most of it for some days. Remember, never carry large bulky bags because you will not get what benefits come from doing that.

3. Need a tour guide?

Definitely yes. If you have trouble on the rocky stuff, find the right guides who are extremely helpful and attentive. Make sure that the safety guides are more the type to turn around every couple steps and you are getting okay.

4. How much is the budget?

It is definitely worth the money. It is quite expensive (approximately 3000 USD/pax) to take 4 day tour for the discovery. That being said, the four days are unique, amazing and one-in-a-lifetime. If you are young but want to experience, I think that it is not worth a visit for this high fee. Make a plan for the discovery in the coming years.

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